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Reggae Revival 2-2-15

February 6th, 2015

Playlist 2/2/15

Real General - Mr. Willamz (Come Down Riddim)

Young Gunz - Million Styelz and Joey Fever (Come Down Riddim)

Chalice Pipe - Ras Attitude (Come Down Again  Riddim)

Mek It Bun - Fyakin (Come Down Again  Riddim)

Come Down - Menny More (Come Down Again  Riddim)

Under Arrest - Mungos Hi-Fi ft. MC Ishu (Under Arrest Riddim)

Hip Hop Hooray (G Duppy Remix) - Naughty By Nature (Under Arrest  Riddim)

Under Arrest Riddim Dub T Mashup - Juassic 5, Beastie Boys, and MC Ishu (Under Arrest Riddim)

Serious Time - Mungos Hi-Fi ft. YT

Jump Around (DJ Maars Re-Fix) - House Of Pain

Musically Mad - Mungos Hi-Fi ft. Mr Willamz

Gimme Some Rub A Dub - Lion D (Diamond Riddim)

Cyaan Hold Me Down - Specacular (Diamond Riddim)

Can't Stop Blaze Up - General Levy (Diamond Riddim)

In The Air - Solo Banton (Diamond Riddim)

Light It Up - Peppery (Make It Gwaan Riddim)

Steppin Outta - Skarra Mucci (Make It Gwaan Riddim)

Please Give This Gentelman A Spliff - Ras Tewelde (You Don't Care Riddim)

Herbalist - Zagga (You Don't Care Riddim)

Reggae Music - Laza Morgan (You Don't Care Riddim)

Forward - Deliman Ft. Sara Lugo (Impossible Riddim)

Rub A Dub King - Blackout JA (Impossible Riddim)

Love Inside Your Heart - Jah Sun (Impossible Riddim)

What A Blessing - Raphael (Impossible Riddim)

Ital Is Vital - Ras Tewelde (Impossible Riddim)

Reggae Party - Deliman (Laba Laba Riddim)

Dancehall Energy - Skarra Mucci (Laba Laba Riddim)

Pull It Up - G Mac (Laba Laba Riddim)

Laba Laba - Lion D (Laba Laba Riddim)


Ruff Inna Town

Jamrock Nice ft. Mr. Vegas

Warr Inna Dance

Heartical Luv ft. Alborosie

Talk About Love - ft. Sandy Smith

Rudebwoy Thing ft. Kemar

Slow Down ft. Ken Booth

Blaze Up

Be Strong

The Rules Of Babylon

Inna The Red

Ruff Inna Dub



Evil Display - Protoje (GP Riddim)

Thousand Style - Mungos Hi-Fi ft. Mr. Willamz

Computer Age - Mungos Hi-Fi ft. Mr. Willamz (Dutty Diseases Riddim)

Culture Mi Vote - Mungos Hi-Fi ft. Sister Carol (Dutty Diseases Riddim)

World News - Mungos Hi-Fi ft. YT (Dutty Diseases Riddim)

Shell Down - Mr. Willamz and Specialist Moss

Dancehall School - Mungos Hi-Fi ft. Solo Banton

Touch Down - Mr. Willamz (Mad Organ Riddim)

Milli Swagga - Million Stylez (Mad Organ Riddim)

Theater Of Fashion - Mr. Willamz (Strawberry Jam Riddim)

Na Na Na - Soom T (Strawberry Jam Riddim)

Necessary - Rumi (Strawberry Jam Riddim)

In The Streets - Exco Levi (Rockfort Rock Riddim)

Mussi Mad - Romain Virgo (Rock Fort Rock Riddim)

Survival - Busy Signal (The Return Riddim)

Cyah Cow Wi Down - Exco Levi (The Return Riddim)

Fire Man A Bun - Torch and Bugle (Gate 7 Riddim)

Mash Dem Dong - Agent Sasco (Gate 7 Riddim)

True Gyalist - Skarra Mucci and Phantom (Gate 7 Riddim)

Di Govanah - Inna Trouble (Gate 7 Riddim)

Perilous Time - Jah Sun (Gate 7 Riddim)

See you in a few weeks

Selassie Bless